Antaudu Afrikkalaisen musiikin, tanssin, värien ja makujen vietäväksi. Samalla ollaan hetki yhdessä, unohdetaan muut kiireet, opetellaan ja koetaan jotain uutta.

Hinta määräytyy ryhmän koon ja tilaisuuden sisällön perusteella. Valitsemalla Tyky-päivääsi (yritys) ohjelmaa tuet paikallista yhdistys.

Let yourself be carried away by African music, dance, colors and flavors. At the same time, we spend a moment together, forget other worries, learn and experience something new
The price is determined based on the size of the group and the content of the event. By choosing your Tyky day (company) program, you support a local association.

“Music and dance is the rhythm of life.”

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Book a workshop or show with Kpanlogo Yede ry!

Book a drumming- or dancing workshop, or a show with the Kpanlogo Yede dance troupe. We conduct private classes in African dance and rhythms. In addition to this, we also perform at festivals, seminars and private occasions such as wedding, birthday party and others.