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Kpanlogo Yede afrodance- and drumming workshops

All day dancing and drumming

400 for one whole day of both drumming and dancing workshops, at your place our ours.

Dancing workshop

Dancing workshop in our studio or yours for maximum 30 people, 50e/hour

Drumming workshop

Salary: 60e/hour/teacher

Drums: 10e/drum

Rent: 35e/hour OR Transportation cost: 60e


Performance with dancing to live drumming and singing and music with 3-5 dancers and musicians. A performance costs 300e but is negotiable if the show is combined with one of the other workshops.

Other Details:

Place: Kasarmi 13, Vaasa, or at your studio

Transportation: Transportation free within 10 km of Vaasa. For workshops further away will be added compensation per kilometer (0,41e/km)

Class group: Maximum 18 people in each drumming workshop and maximum 30 people in each dance workshop

Description of the activities: Afro dance and drumming for all ages and groups. These activities provide the participants opportunities to move and exercise while having fun.

The activities and prices can be discussed to suit your needs.

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